April Instagrams

April brought spring. So excited for fresh air, the delicate scent of blossoms, open windows, and sunshine. This month we visited Longwood Garden with friends, went to the BSO's Peter and the Wolf, studied clouds, and played outdoors. An eventful April filled with much change and new beginnings. More on that later...


Why yes, that is my son trying to go down a slide with a boogie board (below left).


Beginning work in earnest on a long-held dream.


Barowski Family | Susquehanna State Park

To commemorate this adorable little guy's first birthday, I was honored to do a session for my good friends, the Barowskis. Isn't he a cutie? Big sister Isabel joined in the fun as we hung out at Susquehanna State Park on a chilly, but sunny evening. The session ended on a sweet note, complete with cupcake eating and icing licking!

Handsome little man and sweet little lady.

The red ball is a favorite toy. He couldn't stop giggling when he would throw it!

Thanks for letting me capture your kids, Barowski family! So fun watching them grow!

Honesty in the Little Things

“How do I look?” I asked, turning one last time in the mirror before getting ready to leave for church. “Hmmm, actually, I think those pants are a little tight,” said Josh, my husband.

We’d only been married about a year and this was the first time Josh had ever said anything negative about my clothes.

“Well, I’ve had these pants for years and wear them all the time. If they were tight, why have you never said anything before?” I shot back hotly.

“I don’t know,” Josh said. “Maybe I never noticed?”

“How could you not notice if they’re too tight on me?” I exclaimed. “And if you never noticed, maybe they’re actually not too tight!”

Josh looked confused. “Look, I don’t know about all of that, all I know is you asked me right now and I told you what I honestly thought. Why did you ask?”

“Because I thought I looked fine and was all ready to go and now I have to change!” I said angrily.

But even as I pulled a new pair of pants out of the closet I knew I was over reacting. I’d asked the question expecting a response of affirmation, not criticism. And I’d gotten an answer I didn’t expect.

To continue, join me at StartMarriageRight.com . . . 

Make and Listen

We make a lot of granola in my house. It's our staple cereal, to eat with milk, top yogurt, or even stir into muffins. Today I'm going to share my two favorite recipes. The first is my favorite, but sadly my kids do not enjoy it. I love Heidi Swanson's recipe, only I add dried cranberries instead of currants. Check out her lovely orange infused recipe here.

The kids' favorite recipe is this one:

Granola From the More-with-Less cookbook.

Preheat oven to 350.

In a large pan melt: ½ cup oil (I use coconut oil) ½ lb. butter 2 Tbsp. molasses 1 Tbsp vanilla 1 cup brown sugar 1 cup honey ½ salt

When melted and mixed, add the following: 2 lbs. rolled oats ½ cup sesame seeds 1 cup chopped nuts (I like almond or pecan) 2 cups grape nuts cereal 1 cup wheat germ (or Flaxseed) 1 lb. coconut 1 cup sunflower seeds.

Stir well to coat. Bake in a shallow pan for 20-25 minutes, stirring ever 10 minutes. Cook until lightly browned. Let cool in pans, stirring occasionally. The longer it cools the crunchier it will be. Store in airtight container (the sooner you put the granola into the container, the “less-crunchy” it will be. So play with how crunchy you like it.)

In the listening department I've been playing J J Heller's new album, Loved, almost non-stop. Definitely check it out.

Joining Dawn today.


3 of 12


I had high hopes for some warmth on Easter, but although the temperature rose a bit, it was still very chilly. Add to that, it was quite blustery--especially at my mom's house--where it always seems windy.

Despite the cold, I got my sister to take our pictures and I like the way the one above turned out, except that Owen looks sad, which he wasn't at all. I love how Duncan's snuggling up to me in the one below.


As you can see from the "outtake" below Owen wasn't sad at all, he was being a goof-ball. I had to include it because it makes me laugh. He is such a clown!


March Instagrams

March has come and gone in the blink of an eye and spring is really starting to feel like it's arrived!

Lots of fun school activities this month. Sophia LOVES her CC class and I realized that I'd not snapped a picture of her in her class yet. The boys tried "painting" (we used markers) like Michelangelo, who spent a great deal of time on his back in order to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.


A trip to the BMA made me realize that I love The Walters so much better. That said, it was fun to see The Thinker, a bronze cast of Degas' controversial Little Dancer (Sophia adored it) and a Rothko. I love Rothko's meditative and contemplative canvases awash with color.


We've been studying classical music this month. I was surprised at how interested my kids were in Mozart's The Magic Flute. After seeing a clip, Sophia ran around singing "Papageno! Papageno!"


Owen decided lipstick looked good on him.


A fun night at Germano's to hear my friend sing at her first Cabaret!


Freak spring snow storm!


And a belated Happy Easter to you too!