Delicate | Shaune Y. Senior Session


That's the word that kept coming to mind while shooting this lovely senior session. Delicate light. Delicate wispy hair caught in a breeze. Delicate pink patterns on a dress and blouse.

I was excited when Shaune's mom approached me about her daughter's senior session. Two years ago, I captured Brian's senior session as well, who is Shaune's brother. I was even more excited when Shaune and I decided on the elegant Liriodendron as our location and that she would be bringing her ukulele, old books, and notebooks to represent her love for music and writing.

The day dawned drab and overcast, but when it came time for our session there was some wonderful light to play with. I'm so glad we were just able to get the session in when the sky turn dark and ominous and the rumble of thunder echoed in the distance. Thankfully, the bulk of our session was complete before then!

The images above are just a hint of the beautiful details of the Liriodendron.

I think Shaune could be an Anthropologie model, don't you?

I was surprised by leaves already starting to fall! Just a hint of autumn. I love how a few scattered down to be captured in her picture.

Thank you, Shaune, for letting me take your senior portraits! I hope you love them as much as I do! Have a great senior year!

A July Evening

I'm way behind on blogging personal photos here lately. These have been sitting in Lightroom waiting for a quick edit for a while now. Back in July when we had our anniversary, Josh came home with this bouquet of lovely flowers, sold along the side of the road on his commute to work. Weren't they gorgeous?? I love wildflowers so much more than formal bouquets. And the light was just so gorgeous we captured the moment.

Then, the evening took an exciting turn when the boys discovered our cat playing with a very frightened baby bunny. The boys decided it was time to become animal rescuers and we saved the baby rabbit from extinction. She seemed to only suffer a cut ear. We noticed an adult rabbit across the street and attempted to reunite them, in case it was the baby's mother. This didn't happen, even though the adult hung around for a while, as we watched from the front porch to make sure the baby made it to safety. Since they didn't take off together. We then nestled the baby in the covering of underbrush and wished her well!

Riley & Associates | Head Shots

The end of July, just prior to leaving on vacation, I did a head shot session for Riley & Associates. They had a new addition to their team and wanted some images for marketing. If one lady looks familiar, it might be because I took baby photos of her son Garrett and the rest of her family over a year ago. And then a little later that year we did a "cousin session" in honor of Father's Day. It was great to work with Jessica again, this time for work-related head shots instead of family pictures.

We captured images that we hope will have a message of approachability and professionalism, while inspiring trust in Riley & Associate's potential clients. I think these photographs show these ladies' genuine and warm personalities.

I think these ladies may just be the most photogenic realtors ever!

Thank you Cindy, Jess, and Julie for allowing me to work with you to create head shots I hope you'll be proud to use!

Emerald Isle, NC

"I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order." -John Burroughs

When I found this quote it described perfectly how I felt about our week at the beach. Nothing is so soothing to me as the crash of waves and feel of sand between my toes. Time slows. I notice little things, like the glint of sun on sand slipping through my fingers.

The summer has been a crazy one, much more busy than I like or planned. We weren't sure if a vacation was going to happen this year, due to not knowing when Josh was going to start his new job. Things finally finalized and Josh took a week off in-between jobs. We scoured the internet looking for vacation deals. There weren't many still available or within our price range. Thankfully we got a tip from Josh's aunt to check out Emerald Isle, NC.

We had a wonderful time. It was so relaxing and refreshing after our busy months. Duncan kept saying over and over "I love my beach house!"

Snacks. They looks so exhausted after a morning in the surf and sand!

We took a big pile o' library books with us. The Napping House is a favorite. It also described our afternoons. I got several naps in during that week!

I never took my "real" camera down with me during the day. You'll have to wait for August's Instagrams for those pics. :) However, I did take it for our evening walks. Morning and evening on the beach are my favorite times of the day.

Glow sticks!

Yay for pictures with my kids!

Sophia LOVED the sand crabs and called them "bugs." She would grab a handful of sand and say "bug!" even if there was none there!

A fun part about the trip is some friends of ours decided spur of the moment to rent their own place the same week we did! It was fun to have them there!

Love these pictures of Sophia doing her rolls. She was screaming "Watch! Watch!"

Sophia shows some love to her friend, Anna. Which is a good thing, because she also has a penchant for hitting her. Maybe she was trying to make up for it.

We had such a wonderful time just to unplug from normal life. We took one rainy day to visit the aquarium. We had lazy mornings of pancakes and bacon. We watched cable TV in the evening (I love Food Network and HGTV). We had a movie night with our friends. A had an early morning to sneak out of the house and spend a sunrise alone. I read books, like The Peach Keeper (loved it), Paris in Love (so-so), and The Luminous Portrait as well as finished Kinfolk and few other random magazines. It wasn't perfect. The boys got sunburned lips that kept them from the water for a few days (major mommy fail). But all in all it was wonderful!

8 of 12

It was so fun to get a family photo this month and to have someone else take it versus using the timer! If you've noticed, July also was a wash. I'd meant to do a July 4th sparkler photo but July was such an insane month it slipped away too quickly. Thankfully, vacation allowed the time and space to get a family shot (thank you Jo!).

I also love the outtake below. The boys wanted a "funny face" picture and at that moment Sophia strutted off on her own. Wow, look at that model runway walk! Who taught her that?

We also got a rare couple shot. I just love it with the sun setting in the back ground and the grassy dunes. Can't wait to share the rest of our vacation pictures this week!

Journal Tutorial | DIY

I decided to make the kids some personalized journals. They love to color, write, and paste stickers so I thought instead of random loose papers, it would be nice to have it all in one place. I picked up some cheap composition books up at the grocery store. Then, some decorative papers at Michael's.

Step 1.) I centered and pasted my paper to the front and back of the book using spray adhesive. This step is best done outdoors. The stuff is STRONG!

Step 2.) I trimmed the corners like so below:

Step 3.) I used paper adhesive to clue down the flaps I'd created on both the front and back covers. Then I let them sit for a while to "set."

Step 4.) Next I cut some contrasting paper to finish covering the ugly inside of the cover.

Step 5.) I attached a book marker ribbon with some hot clue under the decorative paper.

Then, I repeated all the steps above two more times to create all of my kids their very own journal! And added even more decorative papers, ribbons, and stickers to make each journal unique.

I admittedly have something of a journal fetish, so it was totally fun for me to make my kids their very own first journals.
Are you a journal lover too? What's your favorite type of journal? 

July Instagrams


It's time for July Instagrams! The month has flown by. I can't believe we're in August! We got air conditioning in July, which has certainly made me happy. Also, Josh finished up working at his place of employment for over two years. In a little over a week he will be starting a new job and by the end of this month, I'll officially begin my career of homeschooling my boys! So many adventures behind us and so many yet to come.

Sophia continues to entertain us by drawing on her tongue and enjoying books. She was obsessed with the picture to the left in a book from the library. And I've enjoyed "fixing" her hair, as you can see in the right-hand image above.


I made a trip to Mount Joy, PA to pick up our pastured poultry. The boys enjoyed a little science lesson.


Ever-creative, the boys discover how to make swinging even more of a adrenaline rush!


Scoping out a woodland scene for the maternity session.


A change was needed so a new hair cut for me! And cute new pants for Sophia's birthday made by Kelly.


Little girl is in LOVE with her baby doll.


And her brothers are in love with her.


Josh and I got away to Lititz, PA in honor of our anniversary. Some scenes from our trip, left to right: Lunch at The Hidden Bean on the way up, drinks Sunday morning at Cafe Chocolate, latte at Tomato Pie Cafe, Wildflower surprise on our actual anniversary.


My own version of Tomato Pie below. Oh yum!


My dear friend Jessica stopped by on her trip to Texas. She showed us how to make Vietnamese spring rolls. We always have food adventures with Jessica!


And we finished off with cupcakes from Flavor! A sweet way to end the month!


What was your favorite memory from the month of July?

Woods and Water | Maternity Session

I was so excited to meet with Jessica and Brian along the Gunpowder for their maternity session. They are expecting their first baby, a girl, in just a few weeks. Although hot, it was a beautiful evening and we started the session off by exploring the woods.

Brian incorporated his National Guard uniform into our session.

I just love these next to images. Jessica's glowing smile and the ferny location added such a nice woodsy touch.

Jessica certainly makes a beautiful mama-to-be!

And then we played with light and water.

Congratulations, Jessica and Brian! Thank you for allowing me to capture this special time of waiting and expectation!