8 of 12

Well, despite my attempts at improving at the Twelve of Twelve project this year, I'm already woefully behind. Moving did this project in. I missed four months: April, May, June, and July. The project didn't even come to the surface of my mind until July. And although the point is to use my "big girl camera" for these shots, an opportunity came for a family shot just last week at mu uncle's funeral that I had to settle for with my phone camera. He was buried in the cemetery across from the house where my grandmother used to live. The cemetery I refer to in the memoir I've written about my grandmother. And after, we stopped by the old weather-beaten house. The kids were cranky and ready for lunch and it was already 1:30 in the afternoon, but I had to get a shot of us altogether. Who knows when we'd be back and if it would still be standing?


My, aren't we disheveled?


The I got one with my mom and sisters too. This is where my mom grew up. Now there's a golf course behind it. But the lilac bush still stands, even after the grapes have been pulled up and the daffodils are gone.

Because Sometimes the Only Time You Have is Today


The pastor asked if anyone wanted to share something at the funeral, and she stood up, shaky and brave.

"My dad and I have had some tough times ever since I was a teenager," she said. "The last time we talked we got into an argument, and I hadn't spoken to him in two years. Suddenly all those hurts don't mean anything if I could have him back one more time for one more chance. While he was laying in the hospital in a coma I was able to tell him I was sorry and that I still love him. I don't know for sure if he even heard me, but maybe it was more for me to be able to hold his hand, kiss his cheek and tell him one more time "Daddy I love you." In my heart I have truly forgiven my father for all those past hurts and I hope before he passed he was able to forgive me."

A few sniffles echo in the quiet church sanctuary.

She cleared her throat and pushed on, her voice growing stronger.

"But what I want to say to you is DO NOT WAIT to fix broken relationships. But I also want to say don't hold onto your hurts and withhold forgiveness from the ones you love, you may never get the chance to mend it. Leave this funeral today and go make it right as best as you can. You don't know if you have an hour, or a day, or a week. My time ran out. Yours doesn't have to. I have the peace that comes from God, that one day I will see my father again in heaven and everything will be understood. Thank you Lord, for loving me and my father in spite of ourselves. Thank you God, for forgiving us even when we couldn't forgive each other, and thank you Jesus for making a place in Your Father's house for me and my father. "

Because you'll never know when time will run out. When the car doesn't stop at the intersection, or the heart attack hits in the church parking lot.

Because sometimes the only time you have is today.

"Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you." Ephesians 4:32


Make + Listen


This past week I finally got around to making a dessert my friend Krista made a couple of years ago. I've been wanting to make it for a long time. It's perfect for summer: cold, creamy, refreshing, and citrusy. It's called Lemon Ice Cream Pie and oh so delicious! It does take some planning ahead, as each layer needs to freeze, but it's really not hard at all and totally worth it!


The latest book I listened to on audiobook was Left Neglected by Lisa Genova. It's fiction, but deals with a type of brain disorder I'd never heard of, in layman's terms called "left neglect." The title has a double meaning within the context of the story. It's about a career woman who's life as she knows it grinds to a halt after an auto accident. It deals with her recovery, as well as her internal struggle with what it means to live a "successful" life.

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Multitude Monday | Live in Hope


It's been a long time since my last Multitude Monday post. Too long. Even though I've not posted, I've counted on.

Last Christmas, Josh gave me the journal pictured above. It's too small for any real journaling, so I decided to use it just for my daily thankfulness. I thought it was perfect, because on the front it says, Live in Hope, and a thankful heart certainly spurs on hopefulness!

And so, I'm going to share this past week's thankfulness . . .

634. Being able to give my mother-in-law some items for her home and having her spend two nights with us. So nice to have a larger house to more easily accommodate visits! 635. A beautiful day at Hammerman Beach! Sunshine, picnic lunch, great conversation, no humidity! 636. Weeded flowerbeds.

637. The boys enjoying a week at Action Camp! 638. Awesome homeschooling mom friends! Homeschool planning around snacks and wine. I love my local Classical Conversation community as well as the ladies and families that live close by. So wonderful to be able to join hands and "do life together" in a very real way! Not to mention these ladies are the real deal: down to earth, honest, strong. 639. Electricity! After it being off for a whole day due to a underground wire issue, so thankful for lights, water, and stove back on!

640. Family reunion! Fun times swimming in the pool, good food, seeing family. The boys went off the diving board for the first time and Duncan actually did a flip off the diving board! Couldn't believe it! Never even taught him how! 641. The taste of cold lemon ice cream cake, yum! 642. Final sermon in a series on prayer--refreshing and convicting, but not guilt-producing. Instead, motivating.

What are you thankful for this week?

School Room Renovation

I've been dreaming of a homeschool room. A sanctuary of learning set apart from the rest of the house. One of the exciting things about moving into our new place was that there was a perfect room for one. Over the past three weekends Josh was able to spend some time getting it ready for the school year. We used leftover paint from a previous project for the wall color, scored a table and benches from Josh's grandparents, and two bookshelves and a hutch from a friend who graciously gave them to us when she moved. So, we only spent money on purchasing the chalkboard paint and a dry erase board. I think that makes for the cheapest renovation ever!

The project started with Josh removing the wallpaper and border. Then patching all the holes.


This is the result! I'm loving it!


Now for my favorite part: the details. Below left is an alphabet poster Josh's grandmother found in a thrift store. I love the bright colors and retro feel.


A little nook for me. When the kids have independent work, this is a place for me to read and set my coffee. The teal stool was found along the side of the road a few years ago by Josh. I love it. It's been used in photography sessions, as a stool, and now as a little table.


A recent art print given to my by my sister for my birthday this year.


Art supplies to be used when inspiration strikes!


Josh installed this awesome wall-mounted wire that we will use to show-off art work and timeline cards. Josh also installed a magnetic knife rack. It holds a can that contains our chalk for the chalkboard painted wall.


Owen found a bird nest and I thought it would be perfect next to one of my bird nest photographs.


So there you have it! A tour of our newly renovated and organized school room. I'm so excited to put this space to use this year! Admitted, I'm probably more excited than the kids!


Ikea: Dignitet wall-mounted curtain wire used for timeline cards and pictures.

Ikea: wall-mounted magnetic knife rack  (not exact, but similar to mine)

Target: dry erase board

Etsy: Jane Austen Art Print

Home Depot: Tropical Breeze in satin (wall color)