A Humble Heart



If ever there was an inconvenient pregnancy, it was Mary’s. Her pregnancy was not only miraculous; it put her in a tenuous situation. As a virgin engaged to be married—worse case scenario—Mary could have been stoned to death.

There’s so much I wonder about. What did her parents say? When she went away to visit Elizabeth for three months and came back starting to show how did she deal with the gossip? Did she remain silent or did she share the angel’s message? Was she laughed at and ridiculed? After all, even her betrothed, Joseph didn’t believe her story at first (Matt. 1:20–21).

I wish I knew the details. Don't you?

Join me today over at FortheFamily.org as I take a look at Mary's humble response to the inconvenience of motherhood.

Prepare Him Room

I met Christie when we were both contributors over at Pick Your Portion. Her writing stood out, stirring and beautiful. I started following her personal blog. Then her Instagram. Then I discovered she lived an easy hour's drive away from me.

That sealed the deal. We had to meet.

Christie generously invited me over to her lovely farmhouse for homemade pizza on a Friday night. It was lovely to make a personal connection with another writer-soul: to talk books, writing, God, and gardens.

Today I'm honored to be sharing my advent thoughts over at her blog today, which has been hosting a month-long advent series.

This is what has been rattling around in my mind the past month of expecting in the month of the ultimate Expectation:

Joy to the World! The Lord is come; Let earth receive her king; Let every heart prepare him room, And heaven and nature sing…”

The song is so familiar that I barely notice the lyrics. I stream it from iTunes while making dinner. But suddenly these words cause me to pause:

Let every heart prepare him room.

This December I am great with child.

My belly is swollen with a child that thumps and kicks and pulsates life. Three weeks out from the due date we are preparing room. The crib is set up; the clothes are washed and stacked in neat rows in a freshly painted white dresser. I’ve been here before. The preparing and waiting. The waiting and preparing.

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‘Tis the season for feasting!

Thanksgiving has come and gone and Christmas will soon be upon us. There will be office parties, school parties, family gatherings, and New Year’s Eve shindigs! There will be festive decorations, nutmeg sprinkled eggnog, my Aunt Shirl’s pumpkin roll and my Aunt Judy’s cheesy mushroom casserole!

Feasting brings us together. Conversation and food converge to bring about camaraderie. There is a connection — or oneness — that often can only be sensed when we come together for a meal. I also find joy in the variety of aromas and flavors I discover at the table. I leave such gatherings utterly satisfied — well-fed with food and companionship.

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3 Resources to Help You Slow Down and Celebrate Advent


Advent. It means “coming.” It is an invitation to come and adore Christ.

Every year I’m excited for Advent. Every year Advent centers my heart on what counts as Christmas nears. It helps me keep close Christ amidst the hustle and bustle so that Christmas Eve doesn’t arrive and it just dawns on me, O yeah, I’m supposed to be celebrating Jesus’ birth!

It is so easy to get caught up in the stress and expectations of Christmas: to make it bigger and better. But I want to teach my kids Christmas isn’t about the tree, lights, cookies, and gifts. It’s not about materialism or even family.

It’s about the coming of Jesus.

So this is how we’ll quieting our hearts this Christmas.

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What advent traditions does your family celebrate?

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