PhotoPlay Gallery

I entered the above image, taken at a concert last week, in High Calling Focus' PhotoPlay. You were supposed to apply one of the following:

1. Chop off important body parts in portrait images. 2. Focus on an emotion. 3. Don’t shoot straight into someone’s face.

I focused on the "chopping it off" idea. I do this pretty regularly already in the images I take! Anyway, I was excited to have them select my image for The High Calling PhotoPlay Gallery! Check out the other entries too!

Sick Day | Multitude Monday

We've got a sick house today. Owen started with a fever on Saturday afternoon and Duncan followed the next day with one. Last night was pretty horrible, with both boys sleeping with me in our bed. They would wake up almost hysterical at times, disoriented and feverish. Today we're camped out at home, except for a brief trip to feed ducks at a local pond. But despite sickness, there's still much to be thankful for this week:

153. Good movies to watch while everyone is sick, like How to Train Your Dragon.

154. The fact that this is the first time we've been sick this year.

155. The fact that the boys LOVE green smoothies!

156. My Valentine's Day surprise: a kitchen aid mixer!

157. A Valentine's Day tea party with the kiddos and my mom last week.

158. Another Valentine's Day surprise by friends who delivered candy bars to the boys.

159. Butternut Squash + White Bean Stew.

160. I sold our Double Snap 'n Go on Craig's List.

161. Storytime at the library.

162. Reading the gospels as we lead up to Easter.

163. Two blood-red Amaryllis blossoms gracing our table to add color to the winter drabness.

164. Whole Wheat Bread.

165. Going to Word Cafe Live to see The Civil Wars in concert with good friends.

166. That I'm on week 8 of memorizing the book of Colossians in a year. This is the most consistent I've ever been at memorizing scripture!

"Follow Me"

Simon Peter and his fishing partners, James and John, were just going about normal life until Jesus appeared on the scene. Jesus found them washing nets one morning after a long night of catching nothing. Levi, the tax collector, was manning his tax booth when Jesus walked by and offered him a new job. Nathanael was hanging out under a fig tree. But when Jesus shows up and asks them to "Follow me" they drop what they're doing and leave their old lives behind.

When the Lord asks the same of me, do I respond as quickly as those first disciples? Do I lay aside whatever preoccupies me, like Peter, James and John, who laid aside washing and mending their nets, to follow Christ? Or do I make excuses to stay behind in what is comfortably known? I'm good at "net mending." I know what is needed for the job. I've done it a million times before. It's safe.

Following Christ can be scary. I don't always know where He'd going to take me. It's not always safe. And I like safe.

I'm reminded of that quote from Lewis' The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe:

'If there's anyone who can appear before Aslan without their knees knocking, they're either braver than me or else just silly.'

'Then he isn't safe?' asked Lucy.

'Safe?' said Mr. Beaver. 'Don't you hear what Mrs. Beaver tells you? Who said anything about safe? 'Course he isn't safe. But he's good. He's the King, I tell you.'

No. Following Christ isn't safe or comfortable. But He's good. He's the King. And I want to step out of what's comfortable and follow. When I hear His beckoning voice saying, "Follow me" I want my answer to be a joyful, "Yes!"

New Header

I was thinking of what to do for a fresh "spring" look around here (because I'm tired of the gray of winter) and was thinking about a new header. I culled my photos and couldn't find one that really fit. But I saw an image posted by Kelly Sauer on one of her blogs and I thought, "that's it."

Kelly kindly designed a header for me with her image. I love the lightness and how it depicts the title of my blog. If you've never visited, check out Kelly's blog. She's a gifted writer and photographer. Thanks Kelly!

Green Power

Today I made our very first "green" smoothie. In the past I've only made my smoothies with fruit, yogurt, and the like. But I decided to branch out in an effort to get more veggies into myself and the boys. We made Sara Janssen's version from Happy Foody. You can watch her video to see what she puts in it. I hyped the boys up the night before, telling they were going to get a green drink the next morning. They loved it! I was surprised that they actually liked it better than some of the other smoothies I've made them that I would think would be more palatable. They drank all of theirs and tried to steal sips of mine!

The picture above is of our first green smoothie. Sorry it's so lame but it was under fluorescent lights and I was too rushed to try to take it in a more complementary light. As I said it was good, although I think I'll have to play with the amounts. I think mine needed a bit more banana. We used baby spinach as our green, but you can use any greens you'd like. Swiss chard and kale would be very nutrient rich options too.

And, I think I'm going to kill my blender if I start doing this regularly. It took 10 minutes at least to get every thing blended for the four of us and I had to do it in batches. I think I'm lusting after a Vitamix, although I shall try to curb such high dollar thoughts.

Mundane Blessings | Multitude Monday

This week was a full one, and so much to be thankful for:

136. A date night with Josh at Chili's and Caribou Coffee.

137. The gift certificate we had for Chili's.

138. My sister babysitting the boys so we could go out and bringing "Charlotte's Web" with her.

138. Getting Lightroom and my CS5 Indesign and Photoshop upgrades installed.

139. Time outside in snow.

140. Sunday afternoon naps for all.

141. Getting in my annual eye dr. appointment despite icy weather and my mom being able to keep the kids.

142. A salad made for a homeless shelter.

143. Getting the orders for my latest baby session wrapped up.

144. Airline tickets bought for a dear friend's wedding in March!

145. Friday morning yoga and childcare.

146. A pizza and movie play date with the Gayners.

147. Reading Nehemiah and pondering how it relates to building in the lives of my children.

148. Vanilla Almond Milk that Josh made.

149. Finding a great deal on a pair of perfect fitting jeans and finding an awesome deal online for a very cool shirt.

150. A "date" with Owen to Dunkin' Donuts.

151. An excellent message on Communion given by Pastor Arie at church on Sunday.

152. A Green Bay Super Bowl win!